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purplehaze.ch is our vanity domain for webhosting, email and jabber/xmpp it also comes with an attitude.


The Golden Years

Originally started as a school project one sunny autumn back when year numerals started with MC and dial-up internet was still the norm, purplehaze.ch has since taken us for one hell of a ride.

In the early days of its existence purplehaze.ch had its own hardware which we used for hosting websites, application servers, databases and email. During school purplehaze.ch quickly became an important tool for communicating and working with peers from the same and other classes.

Later on purplehaze.ch helped pupils throughout Switzerland get good grades by hosting the go to repository of info on the finals for computing science schools throughout the country.

After the Finals: Finding work

Even though we had gotten our hands on decent hardware by the end of school, purplehaze.ch did not survive the aftermath of the finals.

Working full time as newly graduated computer scientists at various companies didn't leave much time for looking after purplehaze.ch and after we had a hardware breakdown most users left. Basically the only thing that worked most of the time, was keeping the domain name registered.

The Resurrection

At first getting some passwords unblocked was the reason for using purplehaze.ch again. After some time we added jabber/xmpp to the mix and purplehaze.ch has become indispensable again.

Apart from email and jabber/xmpp purplehaze.ch is also hosting some simple static content as well as redirecting to archive.org for content on inexistent urls that still get requested.

★ ★ ★

If you would like to reconnect with us you might find us on our shiny multi-user chat or you can hit us up on twitter.


Our very own purplehaze.ch philosophy makes us strive to improve the accessibility of great software and services for users. It's a lifestyle and the reason our users are involved in other projects.
Radio RaBe Logo

Over the last couple years we have been supporting the RaBe team with our broad knowledge in networking, service engineering, provisioning and operations. We are proud that our engineering already made over 100,000 last.fm scrobbles for RaBe possible.

songticker.li is an experimental web songticker with enhanced social networking capabilities. At the moment songticker.li is in private beta and a public beta is in the works.


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